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Kroneseder·Jama has developed into a research and development, production, sales and service functions in one of the physical integrated energy institutions and lubricants professional services company. In the Greater China region, through strategic partnerships with a number of representative companies, a systematic lubrication solution service has been established.
The group company has established a modern laboratory in the Greater China region, equipped with imported precision instruments and high-quality scientific and technological research and development personnel to upgrade existing products and develop new products in order to better adapt to the Chinese market for high quality The growing demand for lubricants. Products cover metalworking fluid, special synthetic lubricants, special synthetic grease, industrial grease, industrial equipment lubricants, automotive lubricants, national defense special lubricants, aerospace lubricants and marine oil nine series of products.
Driven by scientific research and innovation, Kroneseder·Jama continues to innovate through new technologies, new equipment, new thinking and new processes, and its products can be fully satisfied with electronics, electricity, steel, chemicals, glass, papermaking, textiles, Cement mining, compressors, metal processing and many other industries. It has been widely concerned and generally praised by the market, and has entered the central government procurement system directory.
The group company follows a strict quality assurance system and has passed ISO/TS16949, IS09001 quality system certification, 1S014001 environmental system certification and ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system certification. With the continuous expansion of business fields, the group company has established strategic cooperative relations with many world energy and chemical giants in terms of product services, supply guarantee, technical cooperation, and special technical support units. Today, the Group manages three major lubricant brands and has achieved a diversified strategic pattern of operations.
Kroneseder Lubricant - a famous energy brand born in Mannheim, a German industrial town on the Rhine River in the 1940 s (1948), relies on the continuous refinement and evolution of German Seiko 4.0 to fulfill Corside Lubricant's consistent promise to global users: excellent quality, technological innovation and excellent service. Cosside lubricants are packaged in high-end containers with more texture, more sense of shape and more sense of science and technology, which completely interprets and deeply reflects its own unique brand culture, quality assurance, exquisite craftsmanship and service commitment. Corside Lubricant insists that "it is better to lose money than to destroy quality, reputation and integrity." He has always believed and practiced that trust is value-taking the trust of users as the foundation for the development and existence of the brand, giving full play to the use effect of every 1 drop of oil, and taking every service as the user's big test of the brand. For more than half a century, Cosside Lubricant has its own molybdenum protection and aggregation dual-core technology to make the maintenance of vehicles and industrial equipment more effective, longer cycle and more secure cooperation. It is the experience of users at home and abroad for Cosside Lubricant.
Zhongxun (Zhongxun Hi-Tech) Lubricant, a new brand of the Chinese nation, is an advocate and practitioner of "green lubrication. Zhongxun Lubricants is committed to the continuous improvement of the influence of Chinese brands through the industry-leading scientific and technological strength, sophisticated and efficient advanced manufacturing processes, and the concept of integrity. Zhongxun industrial lubricants, automotive lubricants, national defense special lubricants, aerospace lubricants and other series of products have achieved new breakthroughs in green lubrication, strong, efficient, and long-lasting protection, and have become Zhongxun lubricants in the industry. Strong, constantly surpass oneself, and constantly improve the new driving force of the development index. As a supplier of national brand lubricants with high cost performance, Zhongxun Lubricant provides strong protection for national heavy equipment, industry priorities and enterprise equipment in aerospace, ocean transportation, road and railway, modern manufacturing, national defense science and industry, and Seiko heavy enterprises by improving the utilization rate of equipment, effectively protecting and extending the service life of equipment, and bringing strong protection to the production and manufacturing of many industries. "Lasting protection, lasting power" has become the most direct feeling of the majority of users to Zhongxun (Zhongxun Gaoke) lubricating oil, and the brand has been generally praised by the market.
Kroneseder·Jama - For a long time, "Kroneseder·Jama" has taken the development of industrial lubricants as a strategy, and has gone all out to help China's manufacturing, steel manufacturing, metal processing, hardware molds, Industrial and mining machinery and other key industries as the foothold and starting point of brand services, through the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction, have won a broad market for brand development. "Corsaides-Jiamei" has provided multi-system and multi-series services for more than thousands of powerful machinery manufacturing, large-scale equipment manufacturing, and original assembly equipment facilities from many cities in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Midwest. A wide reputation.

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