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Kroneseder·Jama Petroleum Group and chemical giant BASF and other seven companies concluded technical cooperation
Recently, including the energy industry, it has become an important measure for many companies to carry out extensive and in-depth technical cooperation, promote the steady development of brands, and continuously improve the level of cooperation between enterprises. Shanghai Kesides Jiamei Petroleum Group Co., Ltd., which is deeply involved in the energy industry and manages three major brands (Zhongxun Hi-Tech Lubricants, Kesiders Lubricants, Kesiders-Jamai Lubricants), is in product service, s…
Kroneseder Lubricants Receives Flanders Approval
On May 12, one of the brands operated by Shanghai KRONESEDER: KRONESEDER wind power fully synthetic gear oil WT series products won another well-known authoritative organization with excellent quality—— FLENDER certified. It marks that KRONESEDER has obtained another eye-catching "professional pass" in the field of deep cultivation of green energy.…
Low-Carbon Lubrication —— The initial development intention, brand personality and action trajectory of Zhongxun Hi-Tech Lubricant
News: Many years ago, Ye Wenxian, who forged ahead in the energy industry, had the concept and dream of "green high-tech, low-carbon lubrication". As early as 2014, Ye Wenxian was invited to attend the 2nd China SME Global Development Forum, during which he communicated with many domestic and foreign politicians and representatives of entrepreneurs, and discussed the development of SMEs in depth. Develop new concepts and gain general attention and recognition from the industry. Today, Ye Wenxian…
Zhongxun Lubricant is listed as a new brand in China's lubricant industry - LubTop2021 "China's new lubricant industry new brand" annual general evaluation list released globally
A few days ago, the LubTop 2021 "China Lubricant Industry Emerging Brand" annual general evaluation list released for the world kicked off. The Chinese national brand with "green high-tech, dedicated lubrication" as the brand feature - Zhongxun Lubricant was selected on the list and became the energy industry. The dazzling starlight continues to write a new chapter for Made in China.…
Kroneseder·Jama won the title of "National Demonstration Enterprise of Product and Service Quality Integrity"
A few days ago, with the concept of "protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and guiding consumers to consume rationally", the China Consumer News once again released the "China 3.15 Annual Report", "Market Regulation in Action.” Shanghai Kesai Des Jiamei Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. has obtained the certificate of "National Demonstration Enterprise of Product and Service Quality Integrity" issued by the China Association for Quality Inspection, and participated in the "National…
Dinghaishenzhen, a stable and qualified Dinghaishenzhen of Kroneseder·Jama Petroleum Group
On March 9, the China Quality Inspection Association, which is in charge of the State Administration for Market Regulation and Supervision, issued the certificate of "National Quality Inspection Stable and Qualified Product" to Kesaides Jiamei Petroleum Group. issued as a result of the announcement. The quality inspection of products is stable and qualified, which is the diligent pursuit of any enterprise, especially the real economy and manufacturing industry. He is also the manager of the thre…
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