Investment Policies

investment cooperation

  • Agency Conditions
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  • Automobile lube to join
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  • Industrial lube to join
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Lube agent joining conditions

1. It must be a limited liability company with an independent legal personality within the territory of the People's Republic of China, a registered capital of 500,000 and a business scope including lubricating oil and grease. Legal business, with general taxpayer qualifications;
2. It has an independent office space with convenient transportation and good surrounding environment, preferably a business office building. Computer, broadband, fax, telephone, meeting room are necessary;

Investment Advantage

investment cooperation

At present, the development speed of China's auto market ranks first in the world. However, the current Chinese lubricant market is chaotic, with many brands, and the good and the bad are mixed. All kinds of non-standard oils, small brands, no-name oils, fake oils and other phenomena flood the entire market. In today's lubricating oil market, various brands are facing a big reshuffle, and only green lubricating oil products with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection have a place!
  • Product authentication
    Multiple qualifications Reliable and qualified
  • Product raw materials
    Imported raw materials with excellent quality
  • Brand position
    Price advantage High cost performance
  • Innovation of profit model
    Authorized Agent Targeted Cooperation
  • Professional training system
    Early assistance One-to-one service
  • Sole agency
    Guaranteed market one city one agent
  • Price protection
    Price opaque Guaranteed profit
  • Market protection
    Uniform price in the market, Healthy development
  • Ad supported
    Whole network marketing synchronous publicity
  • Major customer system
    Assist in bidding to develop customers


cooperative customers

  • Processing
  • Machine
  • Equipment
  • Car
  • Technology
Lead the development of the enterprise and become a major supplier in the lubricant industry


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