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1. Recruitment principles: democracy, openness, competition, and merit.

2. Recruitment method: interview, evaluation and other methods.

3. Recruitment scope: for the whole society.

4. Recruitment procedures: follow the procedures of individual registration, qualification review, interview, evaluation, research decision, public announcement and employment procedures.

5. Salary and benefits Once the candidates are hired, they will sign a formal labor contract with a one-month probationary period.

6. Registration and Eligibility Review

(1) Registration method: Online registration: register by sending an email with the subject of “job + name” and send it to hr@ksds2020.com for registration.

(2) Qualification review Qualification review shall be conducted according to the recruitment conditions, and the personnel who have passed the qualification review shall be notified in time.

7. The specific time of the interview is subject to the telephone notification.


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